Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Super foods

Did you know that Pineapple is a super food? I recently read in GLOW magazine, that one cup or this delightful tropical fruit satisfies 40% of your daily vitamin C needs and more than 100 % of your daily recommended intake for manganese (a mineral that helps antioxidants fight free radicals). It also boasts a protein-digesting enzyme called bromelain, which can aid digestion woes like bloating (good news for us menstruating women).

I have been thinking of eating more pineapple more often. I just bought one the other day, and I am almost salivating thinking of it's golden sweet fruit. I love mixing it in with yogurt and some granola for a satisfying morning or midday snack. Two slices (or one cup) of pineapple counts as one serving of fruit.

I have been eating more fruit as of late, usually 3-4 servings per day. Lately, the summer berries have been a very good price at the market, and I'm enjoying my cold whole grain cereal with blueberries and raspberries. I also have been eating a lot of mango's, kiwi's and oranges.

It's a bit daunting to cut open a pineapple, and a bit messy (they usually come with instructions on a tag), but it is so much worth the effort and mess, being so much nicer than canned pineapple. And fresher of course! Some Supermarkets cut them up in rings and sell them in a plastic container. I want to try grilling rings of them at my next BBQ. I hear they are delicious grilled and basted with maple syrup or honey and then served with vanilla ice cream. So pick up some pineapple the next time you're at the'll love it I'm sure!